Animating a Greener Tomorrow

Motion Graphic Design, Colour Correction
Matt Clouston
Emmett Reifenberg,
Laurie Armet,
Sarah Faller
Jared Davis,
Tom Miller

Elevating Brand Presence through Motion Design

In today's dynamic and visually-driven digital landscape, establishing a strong brand presence requires more than static images and text.

Enter tentree – the Canadian retailer specializing in Earth-First apparel. In the competitive landscape of retail, tentree has not only captured a global community of 2.1+ Million followers, but has also cultivated a remarkable marketing success story through innovative marketing and branding strategies.

With a solid brand portfolio and a talented team behind it's operations, tentree's next objective was clear – to propel its brand to new heights with motion design.

Presented below is an overview of the motion design strategy I implemented during my tenure at tentree.

Optimizing Motion Design Workflow

Upon joining the company, I first assessed its existing motion graphics workfiles with the objective to streamline production processes and enhance the efficiency of motion production.

Revamping Social Media Ads

I began with expediting the creation of social media ads, undertaking the reconstruction of After Effects ad workfiles into versatile motion graphics templates. This move not only reduced production time but also introduced a standardized approach to ad creation.

Streamlining Video Ad Production

For video ads, a pivotal step was taken in the reconstruction of text animations using After Effects text animators. This approach not only facilitated quicker text animation creation but also ensured that text animations were always consistent in ease and timing.

Optimizing Web Animations

GIF exports were replaced with optimized Lottie files for the website. This shift not only drastically improved page load speeds but also facilitated a smoother and more engaging user experience.

By harnessing the capabilities of After Effects, I was able to accelerate production processes and establish visual consistency across various marketing channels.

To validate the effectiveness of the new motion design workflows, I also implemented a testing stage across several seasonal campaigns to ensure their adaptability to diverse campaign requirements.

What resulted from my time at tentree was a clearer understanding of the brand's motion presence. By building on top of a stronger foundation of motion workflows, I was ultimately able to introduce more nuance to my designs, crafting unique motion brand identities that were tailored to each campaign while maintaining brand consistency.