Next Environmental

The Next Frontier

Glacier Media Digital
Brand Design, Print
Adriano Fernandes,
Mamio Marais,
Robert Huynh,
Samantha Matheson
Illustrator, InDesign

The Making of the Next Environmental Logo

Together with our partners at Next Environmental, we created a new logo that conveyed its core values and aspirations.

The Brand

Next Environmental is the leading environmental consulting firm in Canada that specializes in the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites.

With the tagline "we empower our team, to empower our clients." Next strives to provide economic and low-risk solutions to help clients overcome environmental challenges.

The Process

Collaborating closely with the company's stakeholders, we aimed to understand their core benefits to customers, and create a brand identity that encapsulated both their distinctive competitive advantage and overarching mission.

During intensive workshops with the client, three pivotal keywords emerged as the foundation of their brand essence: speed, confidence, and trust. In a sea of long and arduous environmental consulting services, Next Environmental aims to accelerate their client's development with quick turn around times at only 5 business days. These attributes became the guiding principles as we began to develop our logo concepts.

The initial phase involved a thorough exploration of logo concepts that resonated with the identified brand characteristics. As we progressed through the design iterations, the inclination towards bold boxier typefaces remained a consistent element because of their ability to convey a sense of rigidity and dominance, which aligned perfectly with the core attributes of confidence and trust. 'Lato Bold' was the font we decided to build on.

To distill the characteristic of speed into the logo, we dived into an exploration of the font's letterforms. This process led to a fascinating discovery – the emergence of an arrow within the contours of the letter 'X.'

Our design journey unfolded as we experimented with different iterations of the arrow symbol, and we ultimately landed on a connection of dots. These dots not only visually represented a union of smaller components forming a cohesive whole but also became a symbolic representation of the brand's overarching mission:

We Empower Our Team, to Empower Our Clients.

This visual metaphor, spoke to the idea of unity and synergy—A visual representation of individual elements (team members, services, strategies) coming together to form a robust foundation strong enough to weather against any risk.