Casa Corsi

Familial Flair

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It's in the name.

"Casa" means Home.
"Corsi" means Courses.

When Casa Corsi, the freshly launched Italian eatery situated in the heart of North Vancouver, came to us for the creation of a single-page website design, you could say I was pasta-tively ecstatic. The Corsi family has been an integral part of North Vancouver's culinary landscape for over four decades, with their restaurant roots dating back to 1968.

According to the restaurant owners, the best, most authentic classic Italian dishes should always be made with the freshest ingredients and a passion for both food and family. This belief permeates everything that the Corsi family does.

As soon as I received photos of the restaurant and its dishes, I instantly knew I wanted to pay homage to the family's rich heritage with the new website design. From the authentic Italian cuisine to the vine-covered outdoor patio, everything about this restaurant screamed of "home".

It started with a moodboard.

As I began building out the moodboard for the design concept, I was particularly drawn to images of vintage illustrations. The nostalgia evoked by these timeless visuals mirrored the comforting embrace of a traditional Italian meal, and this served as the foundation for the website's art direction.

Vintage Charm.

The integration of vintage illustrations was more than just a stylistic choice; I wanted visitors to experience the charm of Casa Corsi in the digital realm, and used vintage illustrations as a means to evoke emotional connections tied to warm Italian hospitality.

For the website's color palette, I sourced colors from the Casa Corsi logo, which reflected the colors of the Italian flag. On top of that, I also added some earthy tones to evoke a sense of coziness and familiarity, reminiscent of rustic terracottas and sun-kissed Italian landscapes.








The Result

By blending timeless visuals with a carefully curated color palette, the final result pays homage to the Corsi family's legacy, inviting online visitors to immerse themselves in the nostalgic charm of a traditional Italian dining experience. The goal was to transport visitors to a space that felt both warm and inviting, just like home.