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How do you establish a visual identity for a brand with no brand guidelines?

Nettrux is a freight broker that specializes in custom freight shipping solutions across all modes of transportation.

The company first came to us seeking a redesign of their website to complement the unveiling of their sleek new logo. Since the logo had only recently been introduced, the brand had not yet developed a comprehensive brand guideline, presenting our team with an exciting opportunity to enhance the company's visual identity.

Starting with the Basics

Our initial challenge involved creating a unified visual identity that resonated with Nettrux's new logo and its broad spectrum of services, covering land, sea, and sky transportation.

To address this, we started the design process by selecting the web-friendly font "Maven Pro," to accompany the modern and geometric aesthetic established by the logo. "Maven Pro" not only shared many characteristics with the logo, but its clean and geometric design also contributed to improved readability across the site's diverse range of content.

Building on the logo's color scheme, we also developed additional shades of color to mirror the distinct freight services provided by Nettrux. Each hue was designated to symbolize a specific service: the logo's blue signifying air transportation, the navy blue denoting international ocean shipping, and the light grey representing land transportation.

Skyline Blue


Nautical Navy


Steel Express


Overcoming Image Challenges

During the site's construction, the company had not provided any images so we had to turn to stock images. That's when the second hurdle arose: how could we make sure the company's online presence stood out in the sea of freight shipping websites all using stock images?

The Breakthrough

The design breakthrough happened when we closely examined the distinctive outlines of the new logo.

We were drawn to the captivating diagonals that made the logo so unique, and together with my design manager Mamio, we created a recurring design motif inspired by these diagonals to incorporate across the site's stock images.

Leveraging Brand Motifs

As soon as we figured out this solution, we realized the rest of the design process was in our court.

At the core of Nettrux's new visual identity is a unique motif that could be leveraged across print and web design. This motif not only brought a distinctive visual touch to the stock images we used but, more significantly, always created a visual connection back to the brand.